Types of Escape Room Puzzles

There are many of types of escape room puzzles out there. Here are the main types explained:

Escape games are often described as rooms filled with puzzles and challenges, but people still question, what kind of puzzles are they?

A good escape room designer creates rooms with a variety of different puzzle types. This ensures that all player personality and brain types are engaged and have puzzles that they enjoy. You can’t just have a bunch math problems. I’m horrible at math, but great at putting together physical puzzles and a lot of players are like this. To have a well balanced room have puzzles that appeal to all different kinds of brain types.

Here’s a list of some puzzle types to keep in mind when playing or designing an escape room:

– Decipher codes
– Math problems
– Find clues in text or pictures
– Hidden items in obscure places
– Cleverly retrieve out of reach items
– Physically putting together a puzzle
– Team puzzles

For more in depth details on these puzzle types and more check out this blog from our friends at Escape Room Tips:

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What other types of escape room puzzle are there? Leave us a note and we’ll add to the list!


ON:December 14, 2017