Party and Event Venues Boise

Where are the Best Party and Event Venues in Boise?

To some, planning a party is exhausting. The price for all the supplies starts to add up, and you’re wondering how many people you can invite. Also the pressure of how to make a party fresh and exciting starts to linger on the mind. Well if you need an idea to have some social or work fun in Boise, have you thought of Clockwise Escape Room Boise?

Yes, an escape room birthday party or team building event is the way to go. Having a party at an escape room would mean that everyone gets to go on an adventure to solve puzzles and feel a sense of adrenaline as the timer starts to run out.

So to back up a bit, an escape room is essentially an adventure in which you get locked in a themed room (Asylum, Vegas Suite, Steampunk Dimension, etc) and you have a set mission to complete in an allotted time. Now to complete this mission, you will be tasked with completing puzzles and riddles to solve that will help you win, or find a way out.

And as fun as all that sounds, you can choose for your party to go big or small. Want a party of 15 people? Just divide the number of players into different themed rooms that would all start at the same time. Want to go small and only invite your 4 or 5 people? Perfect, you can all play an adventure together.

Clockwise Escape Room Boise is here to offer fun to all cities in Ada County and the Treasure Valley. Whether you are looking for things to do in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Caldwell, or Kuna Clockwise is here to provide an immersive source of entertainment.

Posted:January 4, 2021