Live Escape Rooms: a Truly Immersive Gaming Experience

Live Escape Rooms are bringing immersive gaming to the next level.

If you like quest or escape style video games, you’re going to LOVE live escape rooms. The concept of in person, live escape games came from the increasing popularity of online escape room video games. Escape rooms have proven that the fun of these seek and find, puzzle games can be enjoyed through a monitor AND in the physical world. If you think about it, what could be more interactive, more first person, than real life itself?

Escape Rooms make the gaming world a reality by physically and sensorially immersing you in a different time and place. The narrative stories and presented challenges take you further down the path to another world. You can touch and feel the maps, puzzles and props. Your eyes are tantalized by the true to theme set design and other senses heightened through creative use of sound and scent. The fantasy world is brought to life through the ultimate first person gaming experience, escape rooms!

For a truly immersive gaming experience come visit Clockwise in Boise, Idaho and try our live escape games. Party in Vegas is a hilarious experience for you and your friends or try The Asylum filled with mystery, thrills and suspense!

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Are you a gamer who plays both online games and live escape rooms? Tell us what you think about escape room video games vs live games.

Posted:December 14, 2017