How to Escape the Room: 4 Valuable Tips

Here are 4 valuable tips on how to escape the room:

When you walk into an escape room, you have a background story and an strange place. No guidance on where to start, or what to look for. The mystery is part of the challenge and as the minutes pass you fall right into the groove of the game. Live escape games are fun whether you escape the room or not, it’s truly thrilling just to experience a well designed room. But if winning via escaping is the main goal, then read these tips on how to escape the room.

#1 Communication

If your team knows each other then communication between team members is easier. If you’re a team of mixed players, make sure to warm up to each other so you feel comfortable communicating efficiently with each other. Make sure to listen to each other, taking in everyone’s views so you have more options for a solution. Announce loudly when puzzles have been completed or a new clue is found. This way everyone on the team is aware of the team’s progression and no one is doing wasted work that wastes time!

#2 Divide and Conquer

Each team has a mix of different player styles and brain types. Let each person play to their strengths, and make sure all tasks are being covered. Some people will seek and find, some will do the math problems or decipher codes, some will put together physical puzzles etc etc. This way your team can split up and divide and conquer to escape the room!

#3 Don’t Waste Time

If you’ve been working on a puzzle for a while and aren’t getting anywhere, get a fresh pair of eyes on it. Have your teammates take over the puzzle and you  move onto something else. Sometimes all a puzzle needs is a different view in order to solve it. If you’ve completed a puzzle, move onto the next! Check in with your teammates and see if they need help. Time is limited and is ticking away every second, may sure to make the most of it!

#4 Think Outside of the Box

Puzzles and challenges are made to be difficult. Don’t think literally, instead explore all the possibilities of what something can mean. If you’re searching for hidden items, look in out of the ordinary spots.

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ON:December 14, 2017