First Time Escape Room – Game Strategy

First Time Escape Room Experience

Escape rooms are immersive gaming experiences that have been popping up all around the globe. If you’re in Idaho and are looking for things to do in Boise or an escape room near me, you should check out Clockwise Escape Room Boise located downtown. There are many people who have never played an escape game, so here are some things to know before trying out this immersive experience.

First and foremost, what is an escape room? In short, it’s an adventure game in which players solve puzzles and other challenges to complete a mission and escape from a room. Imagine if you’re Indiana Jones without the danger. And if you’re too young to get the reference, imagine Alice trying to find your way out of Wonderland. But with that said here are some things you should know.

What if I feel claustrophobic in an escape room?

When most people think of escape rooms, they think of tiny rooms or potentially dark and small corners where there isn’t any mobility or escape for the whole hour. Well, if you ever need to leave a room, the front door is always open for you to leave and enter as you need. The escape rooms can be the size of your bedroom or even a 1 bedroom house. Sometimes you may be “locked in one room, but sometimes your escape room experience contains many secret doors and rooms to get out.

Put on your thinking cap!

You won’t be able to just walk through the experience to find a way out. You will need to solve some puzzles first.

Puzzles come in many shapes in sizes.

Some puzzles involve math, memory, visual illusions, or even finding hidden clues. But most importantly teamwork will cause a better success rate.

Will I win my first escape room?

You will probably lose. Since it’s your first time, you don’t know what to expect. The game master may give you clues to help, but just know everyone struggles their first time, even rocket scientists. (Really)

Should I challenge myself?

Don’t start on an intermediate difficulty. If it’s your first room, try out the beginner room first and work your way up. You wouldn’t do trigonometry before algebra would you?

What should I wear to an escape room?

Dress comfortably. No open-toed shoes unless you really want to wear them. You may be crawling at some point, but more importantly, what would you wear if you wanted to play detective and scour a room for clues for an hour?

Play with people you know. Communication is a big part of solving puzzles, so it’s better to play with people you’re comfortable with… So if you’re considering a first date in Boise, we’d recommend a few ice breakers beforehand.

Now that you’ve read through the list of things you should know it is time to play a game. Bring your office out for some team building activities or bond with friends and family! Clockwise has the best escape rooms in Boise and is here to serve the Treasure Valley area (check them out here). Delivering new things to do in the cities of Ada County including Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, and Caldwell.

Posted:December 19, 2020