Family Fun Night Boise, ID

family fun night boise id

Enjoy a Family Fun Night at Clockwise Escape Room in Boise

Experience the excitement and intrigue of a live escape room with your family. Not only will an escape room adventure pull your kids away from their electronic devices for a few hours, but it’s also a great way to bring everyone together for your family fun night.

The Perfect Way to Bond

Escape rooms require everyone to use their wit and creativity to figure out the challenging clues presented to them to make a timely escape. For at least one hour, everyone in your family will be immersed in the same goal, making this the perfect time to create family memories.

This type of experience is appealing to people of all ages. Your 12-year-old is sure to enjoy the room as much as you will. The great thing about escape rooms is that everyone can participate. When family nights consist of playing board games or card games, everyone must wait for their turn to play. With an escape room, every member of your family can participate at the same time.

Reserving this kind of activity encourages bonding and team building. When playing traditional games, you are usually trying to outplay the other participants. Escape rooms require everyone to work on the same side to get out. The activity also requires family members to communicate clearly with one another.

Good for the Brain

Clockwise Escape Rooms in Boise ID are good for the brain. You may have heard that doing crossword puzzles or sudoku gives your brain a mental workout. Rooms that you must escape from do the same. During your hour in the room, you and your family will need to solve multiple puzzles to win the game. Not only will you be solving complex puzzles, but you will also be figuring them out in a real-life environment, which adds to the mental benefits.

Escape Reality for an Hour

Escape rooms allow you and your family to enter a different world. You get to choose the room that you want to escape from. For instance, you might want to enter a room with a fantasy theme that takes place in a Steam Punk dimension. Upon entering this type of room, you might find that you’re in a strange workshop, one with various gadgets and gizmos. You and your family have an hour to figure out how to return to your world.

If your family is interested in suspense and checking out the past, you can decide to try and find your way out of an asylum. In this room, you’ll be transported back to the early 1970s where you’ve become government test subjects. If you can’t escape the room, you’ll be facing electroshock therapy, chemical experiments and even a lobotomy. Don’t worry, your family surely has what it takes to escape the asylum.

A Family Fun Night to Remember

After escaping the room, take your family out for dinner or ice cream. This is the perfect time to connect with your kids and point out how amazing everyone did at figuring out the clues. You’re sure to want to try this activity again and again. Contact us to book a room today.