Escape Rooms for Team Building Events

Escape rooms are great for team building and here’s why:

We all know that escape games are great for friends and families. You play together, bond and have a super fun time feeling like you’ve achieved something together. For these same reasons, escape rooms are a great option for team building events. Escape games presents your team with challenges they have to overcome together. If you have a new team, its a great way to get everyone to get know each other in an out of the office environment. Walls come down, people bond, learn each other’s work style and personalities and build lasting friendships.

Plus, live escape the room games are something new and different. How many times will we go bowling? Out to lunch? Out to happy hour? Escape rooms provide a new option for you and your team’s next offsite event. Check out these video from CBS This Morning that speaks about Escape Rooms for corporate events.

To read more on escape rooms for team building events, check out this article from our friends at Successful Meetings.

Now that we know escape rooms are good for corporate team building, how can they offer the whole event package? Here at Clockwise Escape Room Boise, we offer you our escape games and reception area for exclusive use of the entire venue. We can assist with catering food and beverage for your live escape event and host groups of up to 30 people. We also have a ton of other attractions around us so you can plan a day filled with events. Check out our events page to look at all options and suggestions.

Come visit Clockwise Escape Room Boise for your next team building event!


ON:December 14, 2017