The Paranormal Experiment

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You successfully escaped Dr. Psycho’s diabolical lair in [player_time].Dr. Psycho is still at large, but we’re just glad that you made it home safe agents. He’ll slip up sooner or later, and we’ll be ready when he does!

We got a package today, and it looks like it’s from the menace himself. We thought it might be some sort of clue, but all it contained were these pictures of you.

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the asylum escape room

Party in Vegas

You wake up hungover in a trashed penthouse suite. Looks like you guys had the bachelor party of a lifetime last night, but you can’t remember a thing. How’d a motorcycle get in here…

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the asylum escape room

The Asylum

It’s 1974 and you’ve been abducted as test subjects in a horrifying government experiment! They’ve locked you away to conduct highly classified and unregulated tests on the limits of the human brain…

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The Incredible Machine

You have awakened to find yourselves in an odd place, another world, a Steam Punk dimension! You rub your eyes and see you’re in a workshop of sorts, with gears and gismos galore…

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Posted:August 15, 2018