How to Create the Best Escape Room

There are 4 main secrets on how to create the best escape room and stay current in our competitive environment.

Clockwise is stepping up the game for escape enthusiasts in Boise, Idaho and here is how we create the best escape rooms. We know that escape rooms have to be #1 challenging #2 fun and #3 immersive and we’re hitting those marks, plus taking it to the next level by focusing in on 4 factors. Here are our 4 secrets to create the best escape room.

A Good Story:

Immersion in a theme all starts with a good story. And not just a good one, but a unique one thats intrigues people. We create whimsical stories set in various eras and environments that create excitement and increase the fun of the game. We also don’t just churn out the same old horror themes. We take the time to draft up well thought out narratives that  break old barriers. Why can’t an escape adventure be hilariously funny? Why can’t it be a political suspense? We push the limits and create truly new stories for our players to experience.

Increased puzzle variety and difficulty:

We’re bringing fresh ideas with new styles of puzzles that are diverse and challenging for all kinds of brain types. Brain teasers, visual, seek and find and physical hands on puzzles in order to appeal to every types of persons strengths. We keep the level of difficulty high so players truly feel challenged and work together as a team to overcome challenges. We find this combining of brain forces in teams creates bonds between people, which is awesome to see and makes the whole experience more fun.

Creative puzzle engineering:

We’re stepping up puzzle engineering and have been geeking out on electronics, sensors, audio, lighting, really anything that’s going to WOW our visitors. Some people think tech means flat screens everywhere, which can be cold and everyday stuff, but we think tech means the ability for increased immersion. No laminated paper puzzles here, which can take you out of the theme of the game. We use technical and mechanical methods to make you physically interact with our puzzles. Show you something you’ve never seen before and make you giddy with excitement.

Immersive room design:

We believe true immersion is engaging all of your senses in the theme of the game. So we pay attention to set design as well playing on sight, smell and sound. Professional design sets the stage and creates a new world for our players to escape in. We’re producing the ultimate first person gaming experience by creating a new, but real world of interactive challenges. Where you’re in the middle of a real life adventure and all elements of the room take you there.

Check out one of our escape rooms in Boise, ID and let us blow your mind. Our friends at Escape Room Artists wrote a great piece on this topic as well. Check out their full article here.

How else can we create the best escape room? Send us your thoughts!


ON:December 14, 2017

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