Questions about a Boise Escape Rooms near me? Answers to Common Escape Game FAQs

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Clockwise Escape Room Boise is the top immersive gaming experience in the Treasure Valley area. Let us answer some common questions for you and then come and play today!

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What is an escape room?

It’s an immersive gaming experience in which players are locked in a room (sometimes multiple) and needs to complete a mission or escape by solving a series of riddles and puzzles.

Are Boise Escape Rooms Scary?

No, unless you are doing a horror-themed escape room. In many escape games in Boise or elsewhere, you won’t find live actors or any jump scares. The biggest sense of fear found in an escape room is when time is running out and you’re stuck on a puzzle.

What if you don’t escape?

If you don’t escape then you can come back and try again, or your game master can show you all the things you missed but note that at Clockwise Escape Room Boise, hints are unlimited and if you’re running a bit behind on time, a game master will notify you.

Do you need to be in shape to play?

No, you will not, but if you need any accommodations to play our games feel free to contact us and we will help the best we can.

How big is the escape room?

Some of our experiences include more than 1 room in their adventure. But without spoiling secret rooms and some surprises, you can expect the experiences to be at least the size of a one-bedroom apartment (minus the bathroom).

Are escape rooms good for team building and special events?

Escape rooms can be played at any time. Whether you’re just looking for things to do in Boise, escape rooms near me, or you want to spend a safe and fun time with family. Escape rooms can be for birthday parties, corporate outings, and team building events, or even field trips for students.


ON:February 21, 2021