Escape Rooms for Team Building Events

Escape rooms are great for team building and here’s why:

We all know that escape games are great for friends and families. You play together, bond and have a super fun time feeling like you’ve achieved something together. For these same reasons, escape rooms are a great option for team building events. Escape games presents your team with challenges they have to overcome together. If you have a new team, its a great way to get everyone to get know each other in an out of the office environment. Walls come down, people bond, learn each other’s work style and personalities and build lasting friendships.

Plus, live escape the room games are something new and different. How many times will we go bowling? Out to lunch? Out to happy hour? Escape rooms provide a new option for you and your team’s next offsite event. Check out these video from CBS This Morning that speaks about Escape Rooms for corporate events.

To read more on escape rooms for team building events, check out this article from our friends at Successful Meetings.

Now that we know escape rooms are good for corporate team building, how can they offer the whole event package? Here at ClockWise Escape Room San Francisco, we offer you our escape games and reception area for exclusive use of the entire venue. We can assist with catering food and beverage for your live escape event and host groups of up to 20 people. We also have a ton of other attractions around us so you can plan a day filled with events. Check out our events page to look at all options and suggestions.

Come visit ClockWise Escape Room San Francisco for your next team building event!


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Types of Escape Room Puzzles

There are many of types of escape room puzzles out there. Here are the main types explained:

Escape games are often described as rooms filled with puzzles and challenges, but people still question, what kind of puzzles are they?

A good escape room designer creates rooms with a variety of different puzzle types. This ensures that all player personality and brain types are engaged and have puzzles that they enjoy. You can’t just have a bunch math problems. I’m horrible at math, but great at putting together physical puzzles and a lot of players are like this. To have a well balanced room have puzzles that appeal to all different kinds of brain types.

Here’s a list of some puzzle types to keep in mind when playing or designing an escape room:

– Decipher codes
– Math problems
– Find clues in text or pictures
– Hidden items in obscure places
– Cleverly retrieve out of reach items
– Physically putting together a puzzle
– Team puzzles

For more in depth details on these puzzle types and more check out this blog from our friends at Escape Room Tips:

To experience the diverse world of escape room puzzles visit us at ClockWise Escape Room in San Francisco! Book your escape experience here.

What other types of escape room puzzle are there? Leave us a note and we’ll add to the list!


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Live Escape Rooms: a Truly Immersive Gaming Experience

Live Escape Rooms are bringing immersive gaming to the next level.

If you like quest or escape style video games, you’re going to LOVE live escape rooms. The concept of in person, live escape games came from the increasing popularity of online escape room video games. Escape rooms have proven that the fun of these seek and find, puzzle games can be enjoyed through a monitor AND in the physical world. If you think about it, what could be more interactive, more first person, than real life itself?

Escape Rooms make the gaming world a reality by physically and sensorially immersing you in a different time and place. The narrative stories and presented challenges take you further down the path to another world. You can touch and feel the maps, puzzles and props. Your eyes are tantalized by the true to theme set design and other senses heightened through creative use of sound and scent. The fantasy world is brought to life through the ultimate first person gaming experience, escape rooms!

For a truly immersive gaming experience come visit ClockWise in San Francisco and try our live escape games. Party in Vegas is a hilarious experience for you and your friends or try The Asylum filled with mystery, thrills and suspense!

For additional insights and comments on Escape Rooms and Gamers being a perfect match, check out these links: from nytimes.com and ign.com

Are you a gamer who plays both online games and live escape rooms? Tell us what you think about escape room video games vs live games.


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The 5 Types of Escape Room Games

5 Types of Escape Room Games explained:

There are 5 main types of escape game formats in the industry. Linear, Non Linear, Mixed Linear/Non Linear, Red Herring and Scavenger Hunt. These formats create the game’s structure of progression and movement of players through the challenges. Some are best for small groups (1-4 players) and some for larger groups (10-15).

Linear Games:

These formats have puzzles and challenges that progress in a line one after the other. This is great for small groups who will enjoy taking each step together.

Non Linear Games:

These formats have multiple tracks of puzzles going on side by side. These tracks often come together at the end to solve the final puzzle to escape the room. Non linear games are great for large groups of 8+ so players can split into smaller groups to divide and conquer challenges while keeping everyone engaged.

Mixed Linear/Non Linear:

Pretty self explanatory.

Red Herrings Games:

Are game formats with a lot of distractions. Fake puzzles or distractor props and make you stray from progressing in the games. Games with too many red herrings can get frustrating for players.

Scavenger Hunt Games:

This format incorporate a lot of seek and find challenges to solve puzzles. Items will be hid in strange places and you’ll have to collect them to open a lock, or input a code, etc.

At ClockWise our games incorporate a mixture of Linear/Non Linear and Scavenger Hunt elements. Our rooms are built for 4-8 players. That sweet spot where the group size is small enough that you can all work together, but can also split off into smaller independent groups to divide and conquer challenges. We challenge our players in different ways, a variety of ways so there is something for every brain type and strength area. This keeps our players thrilled by the pace of the game, interacting with each other and all equally engaged in the game.

Come check out our escape rooms in San Francisco and let us know what you think of our game formats!

What is your favorite type of escape game format? How do you like to play the game?


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How to Create the Best Escape Room

There are 4 main secrets on how to create the best escape room and stay current in our competitive environment.

ClockWise is stepping up the game for escape enthusiasts in San Francisco and here is how we create the best escape rooms. We know that escape rooms have to be #1 challenging #2 fun and #3 immersive and we’re hitting those marks, plus taking it to the next level by focusing in on 4 factors. Here are our 4 secrets to create the best escape room.

A Good Story:

Immersion in a theme all starts with a good story. And not just a good one, but a unique one thats intrigues people. We create whimsical stories set in various eras and environments that create excitement and increase the fun of the game. We also don’t just churn out the same old horror themes. We take the time to draft up well thought out narratives that  break old barriers. Why can’t an escape adventure be hilariously funny? Why can’t it be a political suspense? We push the limits and create truly new stories for our players to experience.

Increased puzzle variety and difficulty:

We’re bringing fresh ideas with new styles of puzzles that are diverse and challenging for all kinds of brain types. Brain teasers, visual, seek and find and physical hands on puzzles in order to appeal to every types of persons strengths. We keep the level of difficulty high so players truly feel challenged and work together as a team to overcome challenges. We find this combining of brain forces in teams creates bonds between people, which is awesome to see and makes the whole experience more fun.

Creative puzzle engineering:

We’re stepping up puzzle engineering and have been geeking out on electronics, sensors, audio, lighting, really anything that’s going to WOW our visitors. Some people think tech means flat screens everywhere, which can be cold and everyday stuff, but we think tech means the ability for increased immersion. No laminated paper puzzles here, which can take you out of the theme of the game. We use technical and mechanical methods to make you physically interact with our puzzles. Show you something you’ve never seen before and make you giddy with excitement.

Immersive room design:

We believe true immersion is engaging all of your senses in the theme of the game. So we pay attention to set design as well playing on sight, smell and sound. Professional design sets the stage and creates a new world for our players to escape in. We’re producing the ultimate first person gaming experience by creating a new, but real world of interactive challenges. Where you’re in the middle of a real life adventure and all elements of the room take you there.

Check out one of our escape rooms in San Francisco and let us blow your mind. Our friends at Escape Room Artists wrote a great piece on this topic as well. Check out their full article here.

How else can we create the best escape room? Send us your thoughts!


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How to Escape the Room: 4 Valuable Tips

Here are 4 valuable tips on how to escape the room:

When you walk into an escape room, you have a background story and an strange place. No guidance on where to start, or what to look for. The mystery is part of the challenge and as the minutes pass you fall right into the groove of the game. Live escape games are fun whether you escape the room or not, it’s truly thrilling just to experience a well designed room. But if winning via escaping is the main goal, then read these tips on how to escape the room.

#1 Communication

If your team knows each other then communication between team members is easier. If you’re a team of mixed players, make sure to warm up to each other so you feel comfortable communicating efficiently with each other. Make sure to listen to each other, taking in everyone’s views so you have more options for a solution. Announce loudly when puzzles have been completed or a new clue is found. This way everyone on the team is aware of the team’s progression and no one is doing wasted work that wastes time!

#2 Divide and Conquer

Each team has a mix of different player styles and brain types. Let each person play to their strengths, and make sure all tasks are being covered. Some people will seek and find, some will do the math problems or decipher codes, some will put together physical puzzles etc etc. This way your team can split up and divide and conquer to escape the room!

#3 Don’t Waste Time

If you’ve been working on a puzzle for a while and aren’t getting anywhere, get a fresh pair of eyes on it. Have your teammates take over the puzzle and you  move onto something else. Sometimes all a puzzle needs is a different view in order to solve it. If you’ve completed a puzzle, move onto the next! Check in with your teammates and see if they need help. Time is limited and is ticking away every second, may sure to make the most of it!

#4 Think Outside of the Box

Puzzles and challenges are made to be difficult. Don’t think literally, instead explore all the possibilities of what something can mean. If you’re searching for hidden items, look in out of the ordinary spots.

For a more extensive list of tips and tricks, check out this detailed blog written by our friends at Escape Room Tips.

To test these How to Escape the Room tips in real life, come visit us at ClockWise Escape Room in San Francisco! Book your next escape experience.


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