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indoor activities boise

Looking for the best indoor activities in Boise to beat the heat or escape the cold?

Boise is a mountain desert community with weather that can flip on a dime. We know that summers can be crazy hot, and winters are cold and cloudy. There are plenty of outdoor activities and beautiful nature to explore in the Treasure Valley, but in extreme weather, you’ll need to find some indoor activities.

You can go to a restaurant, or watch a movie at a theater, but what if you’re looking for a little more fun than that?

Here’s our list of best indoor activities in Boise, Idaho:

Boise Escape Rooms:

Escape the weather and transport yourself to another time and place! Boise escape rooms are the perfect indoor activity to take a break from the heat. For 60+ minutes, you’ll have a place to cool off and enjoy these immersive gaming experiences. Clockwise Escape Room is located in downtown Boise with plenty of nearby restaurants and shops to make a day of indoor activities.

At Clockwise you’ll uncover the mysteries of a sinister 1970’s Asylum, discover what you did last night during your epic Party in Vegas, or travel to a steampunk dimension with help of the Incredible Machine. Each game has an intriguing storyline that unfolds as you play. Every puzzle will challenge your mind and bring your team together to eventually escape the room.

So beat the heat or escape the cold and book a game at Clockwise Escape Room Boise.

Boise indoor activities

Wahooz Family Fun Zone:

Looking for an all-day indoor activity for the family? At Wahooz, they have a variety of activities that will keep you and your kids entertained for hours! Jump from one game to the next, just try not to get exhausted. Check out this list of all the indoor fun Wahooz provides:
– Bowling
– Laser tag
– Arcade games
– Indoor rock climbing
– Indoor amusement rides (Twister or Frog Hopper)
– Ropes course
– Bumper cars
– Ball pit

Wahooz is a great one stop shop for indoor family fun!

Trampoline Gyms:

Another fun indoor activity for families are Trampoline gyms. Let your kids run wild and exert all their energy while staying out of the elements. There are a few options in the Treasure Valley, but our top pick is Urban Air in Meridian, Idaho. Urban Air provides a little bit more fun than just trampolining. Here’s a list of all indoor activities at Urban Air:
– A multitude of different styles of Trampolines
– Indoor Zip Line
– Laser Tag
– Mini Golf
– Ropes Course
– Climbing Walls
– Obstacle Course
– Battle Beam
– Playground

Axe Throwing:

Looking for a more adult version of indoor activity? Enjoy a burger and some beers as you hone your axe throwing skills. Just make sure to aim in the right direction!!!

You’ll have a blast at Base Camp Pong and Axe Gastropub. They have the perfect mix of indoor activities to bring out your inner child. Chuck some axes and blow pieces of wood to smithereens or play some ping pong and make the loser buy you a beer! Cool down with a couple local brews in this hip Gastropub environment. That’s enough entertainment to last a few hours and get out of the heat!

Now you have a go-to list for the next family fun day, night out with friends or party! Escape the heat or get out of the cold and most importantly, have a ton of fun!


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Are Escape Rooms Scary? Common Fears and Questions

Are Escape Rooms Scary

We often get questions from new players like, “Are escape rooms scary?” Escape rooms are still a new gaming concept to a lot of people. If they’ve never heard of it before, the name Escape Room may lead them to think that there are dangers or things to be afraid of in our games. But this is a common misconception.

I like to think that escape rooms are like living the climax of a real life movie. And just like movies, escape rooms have many different genres. Yes, there are horror escape rooms, and those are definitely scary, but you also have fantasy, comedy, suspense, action/adventure etc.

To learn more on how to beat your first escape room, check out our other blog, How To Escape The Room, 4 Valuable Tips!

Below I’ll answer a few common questions about escape room worries and calm the fears of any curious new players.

Are escape rooms scary?

Escape rooms can be scary if they are a horror themed game. In a horror escape room it’s common to be in darkness, see blood and gore decor, hear scary music and sound effects, and sometimes even have actors who will jump out at you! It’s similar to what you’d find in a haunted house, but with the addition of fun puzzles and challenges.
If horror is not you
r thing, then you’ll want to pick a different escape room theme. Try fantasy or comedy themed games and you’ll be just fine.

To see how scary escape rooms can be, check out this video of Ariana Grande and James Cordon trying to escape!

Are escape rooms like haunted houses?

As mentioned before, horror escape room may be designed esthetically like a haunted house, but with the addition of puzzles and challenges. Instead of just walking through a space and being scared along the way, you will spend more time in each room solving challenges and revealing the mystery. A horror escape room is a more interactive player experience than a haunted house.

But don’t forget, only horror escape rooms are scary. There are many other genres available that will not be scary at all.

Do escape rooms have jump scares?

Best way to answer this is: sometimes. There are different types of jump scares that can occur in escape rooms. For example, in a horror escape room there may be an actor dressed like a zombie who jumps out at you from a hidden corner. That can be very frightening and surprising.

Other times, a key or some sort of small item may fall and hit the ground causing a loud sound. This would be much less frightening, but would still be considered a “jump scare”.

Unexpected things will happen in an escape room. That’s part of the fun of uncovering the mystery and progressing through the adventure of the game.

If jump scares are a worry for you, then you should definitely avoid horror themed games. You can also call the company in advance and ask if there are any jump scares to be concerned about. Never be afraid to express your worries to any escape room company. They want to ensure you have a great time and will suggest the best game for you.

Are escape rooms claustrophobic?

Most escape rooms won’t be an issue for a person with claustrophobia. Generally, escape rooms are just a series of rooms connected by doors. Standard 12’x12’ spaces designed to fit a certain number of players.

If the feeling of not being able to get out is a worry, then you can always ask your Game Master to keep the entrance door cracked open for you. This way, you can feel calm and confident that you can get out of the room at any time.

Some escape rooms may have narrow passages or small spaces that you’ll need to go into. Once, I went to play a horror escape room that started with me being locked inside a coffin in complete darkness having to find my way out. So there are definitely some escape games that will have tight spaces.

If claustrophobia is a concern, make sure to call the company before you book and ask if there are any cramped spaces in their escape rooms. If there are, they’ll be able to suggest a game that doesn’t. Be honest about your claustrophobia, the company wants to make sure you feel safe and have a fun time.

I would say the majority of escape rooms would be fine for a person who has claustrophobic tendencies.

Are you really locked in a room?

Most escape rooms in the US leave the entrance door to the escape room unlocked to abide by fire safety regulations. If they do not leave the entrance door unlocked, there is usually an exit button available to press at any time. So don’t worry, you’ll always be able to get out of the room at any point.

But! Keep in mind that escaping out of the door you entered from is NOT winning the game!

The doors that you have to go through to win the game will always be locked. Your path is always forward in an escape room. You must solve a series of puzzles to unlock each door and eventually progress to escape the room.

Are escape rooms dangerous?

Escape rooms are not dangerous. Even if you’re playing a horror game, it’s just like the movies, it’s just a story and effects, no one is going to hurt you.

There is a chance that you may hurt yourself, by tripping over something, being too forceful with items in the room, or touching an electrical socket because you thought it was a puzzle. To avoid any confusion like this, make sure to listen to your game master.

Always listen when the Game Master is telling you the rules of the escape room. They will do this when you arrive for your game and before you start playing. Your game master may alert you to not touch certain things in the game room like an electrical outlet, sprinklers or visible wiring.

Do escape rooms cause anxiety?

Escape rooms are a race against time. You have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and unlock the mystery that allows you to escape the room. The need to “beat the clock” definitely raises the excitement level in the game.

If you have severe anxiety you’ll have to decide whether or not escape rooms are for you. You will be problem solving and working with others, all while racing against time. These are challenging, exciting and extremely rewarding games.

Are escape rooms kid friendly?

There are many genres and types of escape rooms out there. Some escape rooms are designed for adults only, some for young children only, but the vast majority are designed for families of all ages.

Most escape room companies design their games to be appealing to all ages. By designing games like this they increase their reach of customers. So most escape rooms in your market will be great for kids and family outings.

Since most escape room games are designed for all ages, it’s best when adults are playing the escape room with young kids (less than 10 years old.) Younger kids may struggle to stay focused on the tasks in the game, or need a nudge of support from a parent or sibling. But this does not at all mean they don’t have fun.

Young kids love the fantasy world of escape rooms. They easily fall into the immersion of the game, way more than adults. They also have the ability to think outside the box better than adults and can contribute quite a lot to winning the game and escaping the room.

If you want to host a group of young children only, you should find an escape room that is specifically designed for kids of that age range. Call ahead to the escape room companies in your area and ask for games that accommodate young children.

Lastly, when choosing an escape room for kids, make sure to choose the right genre. There are many fantasy games related to wizards, castles and fairy tales. So pick a theme your kid will love and go on an adventure together as a family!

Now that your fears are calmed and questions are answered. Consider booking your first escape room at Clockwise Escape Room Boise. We have a comedy, fantasy and suspense game, great genres that will appeal to escapers of all ages. And don’t worry, we don’t have any scary horror games! Book now!


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Video Games That Will Help You Beat An Escape Room

How Video Games Can Help You Beat An Escape Room

Beat An Escape Room in Boise Today

Clockwise Escape Room Boise is now serving a new immersive experience in the cities of Ada County such as Boise, Eagle, Caldwell, Meridian, and Nampa. Many gamers have come to Clockwise Escape Room wanting to get the same rush of adrenaline they get when playing video games. Some of them had a very relaxed time and did very well for being a first-time escape room player and this was due to some of the video games they played. Here is a list of some of the games that those players decided to list as helpful that helped them beat an escape room.

Beat An Escape Room with…

Resident Evil 2 Remake

In this survival horror game, you take control of characters Claire and Leon. The first chunk of this game will be familiar to players that have done escape rooms before. You find yourself in a police station filled with zombies, but you will also find riddles, locked doors, clues, and self automated reveals! Many of these doors in the station will need special keys to open allowing you to progress further into the game’s story. In doing so you must find clues hidden throughout the station that will help you find these special keys. Oh, and avoid zombies and other creatures as best as you can while you search!

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes!

Now it’s not in every escape room that you’re separated, or can’t visibly see what another player sees, but there’s always teamwork used to solve puzzles just like the ones at Clockwise Escape Room Boise. This is a video game where one player can interact with a bomb containing many puzzles on it. The twist is that the other players can’t see this bomb. The only thing they can see is the instructions on how to defuse the bomb before the timer explodes. Without communication from both sets of players, the game will not result in a success.

Baba is You

Just like the escape games at Clockwise, this is a game with a simple objective. At first the objective appears to be flag is win. To complete this level you would simply need to capture the flag. However, you may need to bend the rules of logic to win a level, whether that involves changing what the rule of winning is, or what the objects on the level do. Just like at Clockwise Escape Room, you may need to think outside the box, or bend the rules of logic to solve a riddle.

If you’ve made it to this point, hopefully, you come to check out Clockwise Escape Room Boise located in Downtown Boise. This is a place for bachelor parties, field trips, or even birthday parties in Boise. This immersive family fun experience is meant to make you use your brain and feel accomplished once it is all said and done!

Want to Beat an Escape Room in Boise?

If you still have questions about Escape Rooms in Boise check out our answers to common FAQs. escape room FAQs

If you’re ready to book your next escape room visit our website. book a game today


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Escape Room Team Building Boise

escape room team building boise

Are Escape Rooms Good for Team Building?

We all know that escape games are great for friends and families. You play together, bond, and have a super fun time feeling like you’ve achieved something together. For these same reasons, escape room team building is a great option to entertain your employees on their next outing. Escape games present your team with challenges they have to overcome together. It forces players to communicate as a team, cooperate to solve puzzles, and bond by succeeding together. If you have a new team, it’s a great way to get everyone to get to know each other out of the office environment. Walls come down, people make fast friends, learn each other’s work style and personalities. No other team-building experience engages people quite as well as escape rooms and you’ll really see their personalities come out. Who’s the leader? Who gets along with others? Who thinks outside of the box? And how do they all work together?

Escape rooms are also a unique team-building activity and a new type of entertainment that everyone has been wanting to try. Many workers get bored of the same old office outings. Happy hour, bowling, and trust falls can only be done so many times without becoming monotonous and repetitive. So freshen up your next company get together with a new, fun activity that will have your employees and colleagues raving for weeks afterward. Check out this video from CBS This Morning that speaks about why Escape Rooms are perfect for team-building events.

Also, escape rooms are an affordable team outing so you won’t blow out the company budget. The cost is cheaper per person than taking the team out for lunch or dinner. You also won’t have to plan a trip to another city or travel far. There are probably many escape rooms within walking distance or a quick uber ride from your office.

What do Escape Rooms Teach You?

An escape room team-building experience will teach you about yourself and your colleagues. What are their strengths and weaknesses? How do they analyze problems? How well do they communicate and work together with others? Are they a good leader? All of this is valuable information to allow your team to get to know each other, appreciate differences and work successfully together on future projects. Getting answers to these questions about new or existing employees is like striking gold for any HR department. That’s why many companies have begun to use escape rooms during On-Boarding weeks for new employees or even during the interview process! A new employee may not be able to prove to you their work style in an interview, but observing them in an escape room experience will reveal a lot. You’ll see how they really think, how well they get along with others and how committed they are to succeeding. At our company, playing our escape rooms is a part of the hiring process, and the escape game becomes their final interview where we are truly able to see how they really work through tasks with coworkers in a stressful challenge.

To read more on using escape rooms as a hiring tool check out this article from our friends at the Society for Human Resource Management.

Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Escape Room Team Building

If you’re thinking about taking part in a team building escape room, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider doing so. The following offers a closer look at six of the top reasons why an escape room may be the perfect team building exercise.


1. Focus on Communication

For any team to be successful, communication is key. Whether you are about to start working on a long-term project or have a meeting scheduled for next week, it’s important that team members understand how to effectively communicate with one another. Without proper communication, one team member may be completing a task that doesn’t mesh well with the project as a whole. When you play an escape room game, communication is essential for success.

Even though the stakes in this game are low, the intensity is high. If you want to get out of the room in time, team members must communicate with one another to identify clues and determine how these clues help to solve the numerous puzzles situated throughout the game. Keep in mind that proper communication will allow you and the other members of your team to finish the game quickly since each member won’t need to waste time doing the same puzzle.


2. Identify Any Strengths and Weaknesses

Likely the most beneficial aspect of playing a team-building escape room is that the game will reveal the various strengths and weaknesses that each team member has. It’s far better to gain this knowledge now as opposed to learning that your team has poor communication skills during the middle of a time-sensitive project.

During the escape room, you’ll find that there are five types of players, which include spotters, tinkerers, orchestrators, brains, and communicators. Communicators are great listeners and understand how to push everyone towards a common goal. As for tinkerers, these individuals are great at solving puzzles because of their ability to think outside of the box. You need each type of person in your team to succeed.


3. Build Trust Between Team Members

If performed correctly, an escape room should be able to build trust between team members. You should learn if you and the rest of your team members are able to work effectively and efficiently. It’s possible that two team members are at their best when working together to accomplish goals. Playing a team-building escape room now can help you build trust between team members that can pay dividends for future projects.


4. Share Your Experiences and Memories With One Another

Escape rooms are fun, challenging, and rewarding adventures that practically everyone enjoys. One of the best aspects of taking part in a team-building escape room is that your team will be able to share their experiences and memories of the escape room in months and years to come. These experiences can create lasting bonds.


5. Learn More About Each other

It can be difficult to get to know someone while at the office. When you’re not working, you likely have a routine that doesn’t involve your coworkers. Escape rooms put everyone out of their comfort zone, which can tell you a lot about your fellow team members. It’s possible that a different environment will bring out a personality in a team member that you didn’t know existed, which could benefit the team later on down the road.


6. Find Out What It’s Like to Win and Lose Together

Losing is never fun. However, when you lose as a team, you share the same experience and the same consequences with other team members. The same is true when you win. The elation that you feel is an emotion felt by everyone. It’s oftentimes important for team members to know what it’s like to be involved in something where the overall outcome is more important than an individual task.

Clockwise Escape Room Team Building?

Now that we know escape rooms are good for corporate team building, how can you host your next office outing? Here at Clockwise Escape Room Boise, we offer you our escape games and game lounge for the exclusive use of the entire venue. We can assist with catering food and beverage for your next escape event and host groups of up to 30 people. We also have a ton of other attractions around us so you can plan a day filled with activities. Check out our events page to review all options.

Come visit Clockwise Escape Room Boise for your next team-building event!


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The 5 Types of Escape Room Games

The 5 Types of Escape Rooms Explained:

There are many types of escape room formats that game designers keep in mind when creating new escape rooms. Below are the main 5 Types of Escape Rooms explained in detail:

Linear Escape Room Games :

These formats have puzzles and challenges that progress in a line one after the other with one starting point leading to one end point. Players will start these types of games focusing on one puzzle at a time. This puzzle progression allows for a very focused storyline as each puzzle can represent a new twist or turn in the game’s story. This format is great for small teams of 4 or less as the team is small enough to work on one puzzle at a time together. If the group gets too large in a linear format game then some players may feel left out or find they have nothing to do in the game.

Non-Linear Escape Room Games:

These formats have multiple tracks of puzzles going on side by side with multiple starting points leading to one end point. These different puzzle tracks often come together at the end to solve the final puzzle to escape the room. Generally, each puzzle track will unfold one aspect of the game’s storyline. As each track is completed, multiple aspects of the story become clear, leading the team to solving the final mystery of the game. Nonlinear games are great for large groups of 4+ so players can split into smaller groups to divide and conquer challenges while keeping everyone engaged. In this format, all players will feel engaged with enough activities to be shared amongst the group.

Mixed Linear/Non-Linear Escape Room Games:

This format is a hybrid of both linear and non linear games. Usually, these hybrid games may begin with multiple puzzle tracks where teams break into smaller groups, but streamlines to one track midway through the game to bring the team together again. This format is generally used in heavily story driven games where the game developer wants all players to focus on the storyline nearing the end of the game. Game designers have to be careful that the linear puzzle track has complicated enough puzzles so multiple players can still be engaged as they follow along.

Red Herrings Escape Games:

Are game formats with a lot of distractions, fake puzzles or distractor props and make you stray from progressing in the games. Games with too many red herrings can get frustrating for players as they distract from the proper course of the game. Often red herrings occur when a game designer inputs too much fluff into their storylines or too much decor in their game rooms. This results in players thinking they have found a “lead” that they need to follow to solve a puzzle, but in reality, it was just decor. Game storylines should be focused on the puzzle tracks and designers should be careful not to have items in their storyline or room decor that will distract from the puzzle tracks.

Scavenger Hunt Escape Games:

This format incorporates a lot of seeking and find challenges to solve puzzles. Items will be hidden in strange places and you’ll have to collect them to open a lock, or input a code, etc. Scavenger Hunt games are great for young children as the puzzles are generally not that difficult to solve with the main mission being finding hidden items. These games also work very well for large scale games that are outdoors and span across a large space, ie: downtown area, public park etc. In this large scale format, players will generally follow a map and cryptic instructions to successfully progress from one location to another, finding necessary items along the way. In addition to being called Scavenger Hunts, they also go by Treasure Hunts or Puzzle Hunts.

Our Types of Escape Rooms

At Clockwise our games incorporate a mixture of Linear/Non-Linear and Scavenger Hunt elements. Our rooms are built for 4-8 players. That sweet spot where the group size is small enough that you can all work together, but can also split off into smaller independent groups to divide and conquer challenges. We challenge our players in different ways, a variety of ways so there is something for every brain type and strength area. This keeps our players thrilled by the pace of the game, interacting with each other, and all equally engaged in the game.

Come check out our escape rooms in Boise, ID and let us know what you think of our game formats!

What is your favorite type of escape game format? How do you like to play the game?


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How to Escape the Room: 4 Valuable Tips

4 Valuable Tips on How to Escape the Room.

When you walk into an escape room, you have a background story and an strange place. No guidance on where to start, or what to look for. The mystery is part of the challenge and as the minutes pass you fall right into the groove of the game. Live escape games are fun whether you escape the room or not, it’s truly thrilling just to experience a well designed room. But if winning via escaping is the main goal, then read these tips on how to escape the room.

Escape Room Skills

#1 Communication
If your team knows each other then communication between team members is easier. If you’re a team of mixed players, make sure to warm up to each other so you feel comfortable communicating efficiently with each other. Make sure to listen to each other, taking in everyone’s views so you have more options for a solution. Announce loudly when puzzles have been completed or a new clue is found. This way everyone on the team is aware of the team’s progression and no one is doing wasted work that wastes time! Also keep in mind that no thought or idea is bad in an escape room. Make sure to share your ideas with your team members, because you may have the answer that will solve the puzzle!

#2 Divide and Conquer
Each team has a mix of different player styles and brain types. Let each person play to their strengths, and make sure all tasks are being covered. Some people will seek and find, some will do the math problems or decipher codes, some will put together physical puzzles etc etc. This way your team can split up, save time and divide and conquer to escape the room!

#3 Don’t Waste Time
Don’t forget that you only have 60 minutes to escape the room! Make sure not to waste too much time on any one puzzle. 10-15 minutes is waaay too much! If you’ve been working on a puzzle for a while and aren’t getting anywhere, get a fresh pair of eyes on it. Have your teammates take over the puzzle and you can move onto something else. Sometimes all a puzzle needs is a different view in order to solve it. If you haven’t been able to solve it after everyone has tried, then don’t be too proud to ask for a clue, as that will move you forward in the game. If you’ve completed a puzzle, move onto the next! Check in with your teammates and see if they need help. Time is limited and is ticking away every second, may sure to make the most of it!

#4 Think Outside of the Box
Puzzles and challenges are made to be difficult. Don’t think literally, instead explore all the possibilities of what something can mean. If you’re searching for hidden items, look in out of the ordinary spots. If its a riddle, think of how the words could mean something else.

How do you beat escape the room?

Beating an escape room is all about strategy and improved by experience. We’ve explained the 4 valuable skills required for a strong escape room team. Make sure to communicate, divide and conquer, don’t waste time and think outside of the box! Hone these skills with your escape team. Develop these skills through repetition and playing a bunch of escape rooms from different companies. Each company has its own style, so beating games at one company does not make you and expert! The more escape games you play, the better your team will be at analyzing clues, knowing what puzzles to work on first and speeding up your escape!

For a more extensive list of tips and tricks, check out this detailed blog written by our friends at Escape Room Tips.

To better prepare yourself for any escape rom experience, check out our blog on various escape room puzzle types.

To test these How to Escape the Room tips in real life, come visit us at Clockwise Escape Room in Boise! Book your next escape experience.


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